Grim Adventures on Ash Island

While many places I have hunted were remarkable for their beauty, Ash Island is so completely blighted by the evil of the Darshaks that a dark miasma hangs over the entire island, the trees are all dead, and no natural creatures are found.  Once peopled by our ancient enemies, they are now filled with ravening hounds, evil spirits and foul villains.

When I first tried to join hunts in this area, I spent most of my time either fallen, or trying repeatedly to hit things–as happens every time I get strong enough to venture somewhere new.  I have to thank Mujin for her patience with my struggles.  Both on Ash and in the Estuary, she has waited for me to study creatures in what is sometimes a very tedious process.  More recently, I fell to a Greater Darshak Liche and was so badly wounded that the three healers together could not raise me.  I feared very much that the hunt was over for me.  But Mujin not only carried me back to town where I could be healed, she then escorted me back to the hunt so I could rejoin.  My hunt mates were also patient with this long delay.

That particular hunt reminds me again of why I am so contented in this life, in spite of the almost constant danger.  My fellow exiles have proven themselves to be, almost without exception, loyal, brave, and caring.  Though I was cast up here a lonely stranger, I feel I have found a place.


About eirianc

A young Fen making her way as a fighter, as best she can and having as much fun as possible along the way.
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