A Time of Growth

It has been long and long since I last took time to note down my thoughts. Soon after my last entry, I began an intensive study of the Nocens Winder, that should soon allow me to control these fierce snakes. I’ve been lucky to be included in daily hunts in the Southern Estuary, lead by one our most powerful fighters, Mujin-Kun.  Her hunts move fast, and I’ve had to learn how to remain alert for a long spell, always noting the arrival of new threats, and new opportunities.  I’ve studied hard with several different masters in order to make better contributions and be less burden on the healers during these hunts.

These hunts are often very exciting, because an unexpectedly large number of creatures appearing at once, or an ill-timed foray ahead can lead to near disaster.  Further, some of the creatures found in the Estuary yield valuable furs, and while the boat fare for our return is steep, I still usually win a tidy sum each hunt.

Along with these hunts, I continue to roam the islands with my dear zo, as often as I can. As I grow stronger, the places we can go expand.  Grems is unfailingly patient and sometimes goes with me to places where he will gain very little, in order that I might improve.  However, this winter season has seen the discovery of a Snowy Outpost where we both gain valuable experience, and very nice furs as well.  We hunt there often, though now my huntmate Tabatha has started trying to befriend the Snowcats there, so we often find her there, and must be careful not to disturb her studies.


About eirianc

A young Fen making her way as a fighter, as best she can and having as much fun as possible along the way.
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