The Value of Studies

After becoming a ranger, one of the first things I did was to begin studying particular creatures in more depth.  By hunting them I learned more about their movement and became much better able to strike and kill them. I’ve spent quite a lot of time working on this and there seems always more to learn, but the way these studies improve my hunting ability cannot be overstated.  While I once struggled to hit things on Metz, for example, or in the Sasquatch Valley, thanks to my study, I can now reliably hit many creatures their.  This makes me less likely to endanger my hunt mates, and better able to really help in getting through a dangerous area, and those are great things.

Following these improvements, I’ve been able to hunt much more, with more people, and in much more challenging places, which in turn has led to even faster improvements in my skills. I have always been an addict of the hunt, but now, I can scare tear myself away from bloody pursuits and I spend much time consumed with the urge to annihilate the dangerous creatures that threaten all exiles.  I’ve been able to slake my thirst very readily, because some of the most powerful fighters and healers have invited me to join then, doing me the honor of believing I would be a help, not a hindrance.

One of these is Lorikeet, a very strong healer who has been in the lands for a very long time.  She has come on hunts with me before, as a favor, but recently I was invited for the first time on a hunt she was leading into Metz to the plateau where Gloaming Wendeckas are found.  I managed on that hunt to complete a study of Large Gloaming Wendeckas, thanks to the great patience of Lori, Shiner, and the other members of the hunt who waited and waited for me to kill the creatures. Even more gratifying, Lori told me I could join their hunt whenever I was free.

Most recently, Daimoth, one of the oldest and strongest fighters in the lands has honored me with his attention.  Not only has he invited me on hunts he is leading, but has also gone out of his way to help me continue my studies. I can’t help but wonder what would prompt the interest of such a person who is not know for kindness or patience.  But though he is very gruff and always on his dignity, I can’t help but think there is a side that is at least honorable, even if he is not convivial.  I do wonder about his attentions though; I’m not sure his intentions there, are all honorable.


About eirianc

A young Fen making her way as a fighter, as best she can and having as much fun as possible along the way.
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3 Responses to The Value of Studies

  1. Kalypso says:

    He honored you with his attention? I almost spit my Sylvan whiskey all over this Respia book I’m studying!

  2. Gremlins says:

    My sweet fen is becoming powerful 🙂

  3. M Noivad says:

    (1) “Their” possessive, “There” location. 1st Paragraph.
    (2) Eirian has built a reputation among those paying attention that she is a competent fighter. What a lot of people do not realize is that when “ubers” are looking at the player list and picking people to invite, the first and second things they consider are if the person can handle it ranks-wise, and if they use their abilities wisely — meaning they don’t do stupid things.
    Often, if comes down to a fighter with more experience but worse clicking skills and a fighter with better “click skills” and less experience (within a circle or so) the better fighter will be invited before the one that is worse.

    Note: click skills not only mean how well a person controls their character, but also how good they are at making tactical decisions.

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