A Ranger at Last.

For what feels like years I’ve been working on qualifying to become a Ranger, and finally, I made it.  About a month or so I was graced by dreams of my dear zo, as if we were closer than ever.  He is such a powerful ranger, I felt sure it meant I was soon to be ready.  I wasn’t.  But the dreams were lovely, all the same. Finally one day I was seeing sign after sign that I might be ready.  My gossamer blade seemed to sparkle, knowledge of the earth and its creatures seemed to be pouring into my head.  My dear Gremlins pronounced me ready and we went to visit the Ranger Grove.  It was a thrill to hear Garre Verminebane announce, “Congratulations to Eirian Caldwell, who has just become a Ranger.”

Soon after, many people helped me begin studying specific creatures.  After delivering deathblows to 10 of each, I gained much greater skill in hunting Midnight Wendeckas, Young Sasquatch, Valley Cougars, Haremau Kittens, and Green Arachnoids. Now I am working on Large Midnight Wendeckas, which are both more rare, and much harder to kill.  Soon I wil need to study further with special Ranger trainers, and I must also increase my training in other more basic areas as well, to maintain a balanced program.  I look forward to learning more from Duvin Beastlore in order to study even more creatures and to eventually transform myself into them.  That study will be especially pleasant because my dear zo has achieved such skill in that himself that I will study with him directly.  🙂

The last weeks have been much work, but very satisfying.


About eirianc

A young Fen making her way as a fighter, as best she can and having as much fun as possible along the way.
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3 Responses to A Ranger at Last.

  1. Gremlins says:

    You studied Jade arachnoid, not green one (even though they look so similar) 🙂
    Very proud of you, my sweet fen. It took a lot of work and patience.

  2. Eirian says:

    Oh my, How could I mix them? Jades are so much harder than Greens! No one would be so excited about Green Arachnoid studies. 🙂 And thank you, love, for all your help.

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