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A Forest Drake

On the way to one of our duo hunts in the Wetlands, my dear Zo and I were lucky enough to stumble upon a solitary Forest Drake as we passed through the Northwest Forest.  I had never seen one in … Continue reading

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Progress in the Wetlands

I have spent years it seems, hunting in the Wetlands.  At first I was so weak that I could only go there in company of a large group, with a strong healer. Many of the creatures there look fierce and … Continue reading

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Strange Dreams

I have written before about the blanks in my experience that have sometimes disturbed me.  As the winter progressed, I was poses by dreams so vivid, they kept me asleep for many days.  And this time I remembered bits and … Continue reading

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Wintry Frolics

As the weather grew colder and Bawkmas approached, snow blanketed parts of the islands. North of town a path opened leading to a cold and snowy region, inhabited by some fierce creatures not normally seen so close to town.  Everyone … Continue reading

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Improvising a Valley Hunt

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I am not able to hunt as often or as long as I’d like, much of the time. Confronted with this reality, I try to be accepting and sanguine, but sometimes I am taken by … Continue reading

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