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Recent Hunts

Though I have been doing my best to recapture my history in the Lok’Groton islands, I feel it is time to  begin writing about things as they happen.  I will recall earlier events as I have time. Today I had … Continue reading

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Comings and Goings

Though my life as an exile has settled into something of a comfortable pattern, I still find some things difficult to accept.  One is that sometimes friends disappear.  People with who I much enjoy hunting disappear for months, or forever. … Continue reading

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As most know, fighters are known as being in one “circle” or another depending on passing tests in the fighter training hall, success in which largely depends on how much time they’ve spent spent with fighter trainers and out practicing. … Continue reading

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Contentment, Almost

Having found that Gremlins had turned from a friend into something far more, my time in the Lok’Groton islands became far more pleasant.  Now, no matter what else was happening, I knew my dear zo and I would hunt together, … Continue reading

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My Dear Green Zo

The months seemed to go by so quickly when I was younger and hunting all the time.  I couldn’t get enough of the Mushroom Hut, and often went there with D’Ead, Zorglub, and a range of others who were will … Continue reading

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Hunting Partners and Friends

As I grew in strength an experience, I soon felt that hunting was not enough.  I longed for companionship.  I reached out to many exiles for friendship.  Most were warm and forth coming and for awhile I hunted regularly with … Continue reading

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A Significant Meeting

During my first months and years as an exile, I met many many people,  and some I knew were important from the start. My good friend Kalypso had told me I could rely on Geotzou for help and advice, and … Continue reading

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